About Us

Soros Architecture is with you from initial design phases to construction on the day of the exhibition. We offer a full range of services to complement our creative plans.

Soros Architecture conceives and designs narrative architecture and spaces for  exhibitions, trade fairs and brands. From content and messages, we develop surprising ideas and create memorable concepts that set international standards.

Exhibition projects can be based on different intentions and contents. Such projects range from large classical collections of objects of an art or cultural-history museum to presentations of a product, whereby the intention is to establish the exhibition location – the trade fair, the brand centre, the expo – as a vehicle for credible brand communication. 

In an exhibition designed with scenographic means, space, light, graphics and sound, as well as media and content correspond to form an intellectual and sensory  total work of art. A successful exhibition offers authentic and unmediated experiential spaces, telling fascinating stories in which arcane knowledge is made accessible to the visitor. 

Scenographically designed exhibitions create proximity to the addressees, turn them into a confidant and witness, enable participation and make them part of the narrated story.


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